lunedì 19 aprile 2010

We invite everybody to take part in the demonstration of april 25th!

April 25th is the day of liberation from facism, in 1954, and every years a big march of thousands of people full the streets of Milano, to remember the damage brought by fascism an most of all because we don't want this could happen again. We believe that everyone have the same rights, it doesn't matter from what country, religion or gender he is; but still nowaday there are at the government politicians who spread only racism and intollerance and only hit people considered as "different".
Some days ago, it has happened another something serious: in Cernusco a nigerian child of a few months has been left dying only because the health card was expired: we think this is a shame. Besides, the same racists that are same people that in Italy are spreading policies of hate and xenophobia, and support wars in other countries, producing only death and pains and even trying to strike organizations that really help people, as Emergency do. It has happening in Afghanistan some days ago, when 3 doctors have been arrested and the hospital closed... maybe they should let Emergency open a hospital olsp in Cernusco, instead of closing those already working in Afghanistan!

We invite everybody to take part with us in the demonstration od aprile 25th, hours 14.00 at Palestro (mm1) and to bring musical instruments, drums and pots to make our voice loud and shout that rights and freedom are for every people!